XCARFilms. Fastest Subaru Round The Nurburgring

XCARFilms and Revolution walks through the mechanics involved with lumping an extra 200bhp into a Subaru Impreza for a potentially record-breaking run around the Nurburgring.

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‘Fastest Subaru Impreza round the Nurburgring’. It’s a cunning tease, certainly, but regrettably the lap itself isn’t included in this video from XCARFilms. Fear not though, you can see the on-board footage in the second video at the bottom of this page.

What you will find in the main video on Revolution is an introduction to company managing director Glen Campbell and an insight into how the team went from tinkering and tuning Ford Escorts in the mid-1980s to becoming one of the UK’s most reputable performance garages from the late 1990s onwards. Specialties now include pretty much everything from Fords, Peugeots, Porsches and – of course – Subarus.

The Scooby in question is Project STI Nurburgring, a bespoke-built Impreza whose 2.5-litre Cosworth block has been upped from 300bhp and 300lb ft of torque to 508bhp and 500lb ft respectively in an effort to beat the 7m 55s benchmark set by Tommi Makkinen around the Nurburgring. In 2010, the four-time World Rally Champion took a Spec-C Impreza round Green Hell faster than anyone before (on-board of which can be found HERE), an accolade circuit instructor Fredy Leinhard was keen to break with Revolution to celebrate their 15 years of service.

Can the guys pull it off? Well, you can find out at the 8m 30s mark…

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