World Time Attack. Scorch Racing S15. Come onboard

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Extreme Super Lap came on stream beautifully towards the end of the racing season in the UAE. Zlatko Mulabegovic and the team from Extreme Motorsports in Abu Dhabi, put their heart and soul into making it happen and the competitors and the beginnings of an actual crowd (rare over here) began to take shape. We are well and truly excited about the full season and hope that it comes to fruition. We know there are more than a few ex GT/Touring car racers out there thinking about the switch.

Now what better way to show you how exciting Time Attack is, than taking you on board for fast lap in a Pro Class car at the WTAC (World Time Attack) recently held at Eastern Creek, Australia. This particular video is an in-car video of Under Suzuki, owner of the Scorch Racing team (we say team, it’s more a one man band) as he goes all out for the win.

Sadly a couple of erant gearshifts put pay to the box itself and inturn his chance of a bit of giant killing action… which at the end of the day is what Time Attack is all about. Taking on the big boys and knocking them off.


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