Why 2014 is shaping up to be a classic

Buzz explains why 2014 could be a classic year for the sports car thanks to new technology.


I had a particularly lengthy online procrastination session last week. Among the intriguing stories of Red Bull’s farcical Formula 1 winter testing, and endless videos of Chris Harris showing off his ability to go sideways in pretty much anything with four wheels, I came across a feature with a headline boldly proclaiming that driving in the future was going to be so much better than it is today. As a keen purveyor of the Thrill of Driving you shouldn’t be surprised that said headline caught my attention. After clicking on the link, my initial disappointment that the story wasn’t about driving becoming more fun subsided, and was replaced with fascination at the topic that was on the page. The article was actually about the greatest automotive innovations that were soon to become reality, and even a purist like me has to admit that there’s some pretty cool stuff coming.


In the future we can expect smart cars that learn what your habits are and adapt to them, connected cars that talk to each other to share information that will make journeys quicker and safer, and then go park themselves after you get to your destination. Meanwhile in-car systems will be able to avoid accidents by diagnosing if someone is unfit to drive or about to suffer a heart attack, and external airbags will protect pedestrians, as well as the car and its occupants, if you do crash. Audi will be trialling laser headlights at Le Mans this year, devices that will light up the distance equivalent of six football fields, making driving at night safer, faster and more fun. And while we will always champion the internal combustion engine, hydrogen fuel cells and solar magnifying are incredible new technologies that really will be environmentally friendly, unlike the PR-driven guff that manufacturers try to pass off as green these days. It seems like the future has got some pretty amazing stuff in store for us.

We believe that things are looking pretty good for those who love driving. Although you have to admit, a car that can park itself would be pretty awesome.

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