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Since my last update a few months have past and quite a bit has happened. The GTI is still going strong and making heads turn, and the feedback and response on Instagram has been amazing, but a little more on that later.

Volkswagen Golf-1

Driver's Log
Date acquired: February 2010
Total kilometres: 70,000
Kilometres this month: 5000
Costs this month: $890

While I was away for a week in Germany I had left the car with AutoHaus to get the liquid glass protection done along with dent removal too, as in this country your car will hardly stay dent free for long. So Tibor and his team had a weeks time to get all of it done until my return, Tibor kept me posted with pictures during my holiday to show the progress and boy did it make a change. The car look’s like its fresh out of the factory, the seats were so slippery I was sliding around whilst going through corners. Whilst he had my car in for the polish we did a quick service in-between and disinfected the a/c. These little things which you don’t think about certainly help maintain your car and reduce your maintenance cost on the long run. Some people will probably be thinking boy you are wasting your money but I personally feel that I am not and can only give the advice on to do as much preventative maintenance as possible especially out here in the heat.

The polish and service set me back approx. 890 USD. In the past few months I have put quite a bit of mileage onto the GTI and explored the streets of Dubai. I can say I can still go anywhere I like with the ride height just off-roading would prove a little difficult. I have even received positive feedback from the men in Green.

Volkswagen Golf-2

So with the car looking absolutely amazing it was time to get some photos done. Since I was a regular at AutoHaus I had met some other customers and one Afnan Haider had asked if we could meet up and take some photo’s as he wants to explore into the automotive industry. So we fixed a date and took some pictures, the few hours I had to spare on my weekend where well worth the results Afnan had delivered and this is where my Instagram account had taken off with quite a few new followers, with the added publicity of my car in the world wide web it seems that more people on the roads of Dubai where noticing my car too, especially Ivan from Stance Kitchen, I have now bumped into him on a few occasions on Dubai’s roads and I must say his BRZ is epic!!! I finally got to meet him in person at the last swap meet where we discussed our rides and he gave a little info on what he has up his sleeves for the future. Unfortunately I missed out on their first Stance Kitchen meet but hope to be a part of the second edition.

Looking into the future I am now at the point where I am debating on either to sell the GTI or keep on going with the project. If I do stick with it you can expect the following to come within the next months.

– Brake system upgrade
– Bigger intercooler
– Oil catch can
– APR Fuel pump
– Recaro seats
– and maybe transformation into a GTI Club sport

But I am still rethinking those options.

Will keep you guys updated with my next blog in a months time.

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