VIDEO. X-Raid MINI ALL4Racing Dakar Rally car

Dramatic footage – in car and out – of the X-Raid MINI ALL4Racing Dakar Rally car, as driven by crankandpiston, giving the dunes what for.


Regular readers may remember that last month we took a genuine Dakar Rally endurance racer – the X-Raid MINI ALL4Racing – for a spin on the sands, in the company of three-time Dakar winning co-driver Andreas Schulz. Once we’d sat down and got our legs back underneath us, we even managed to grab a quick chat with the reigning Dakar winner, Joan ‘Nani’ Roma.

What more could we possibly have to offer, you may ask? How about some footage of said X-Raid MINI decimating the sands, complete with in-car footage of Roma himself…?

How good we are to you all…

– Our thanks to X-Raid and MINI

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