VIDEO. Virtual build of an E92 Liberty Walk BMW M3. In real life

Zwingfilms teams up with MODE Auto Concepts to bring the virtual personalisation from Need for Speed to life, with a little help from Liberty Walk and an E92 BMW M3

Zwingfilms BMW E92 M3-4

Ever wondered how personalising your car in Need for Speed or FORZA would look in real life? Nope, us neither. Regardless, Zwingfilms’ latest creation does just this by walking us through the virtual process from start to finish with a real life car. And just to really get you going, the base is an E92 BMW M3, and the end result is a Liberty Walk piece of art complete with slammed suspension, revised exhaust system, FORGE Alloys, and a cheeky MODE Auto Concepts livery.

Normally, upon ‘Installing Parts’ and opting to ‘Race Now’, you’d expect to be lined up on the grid alongside six or seven worthy adversaries to drift their respective arses into dust. But since that’s not an option with MODE’s Liberty Walk E92 BMW M3, how about some donuts instead? Oh, and if you’ve not had your fill of Liberty Walk Bimmers, perhaps you’d like to check out the overfender M4 we shot in Lebanon a few months back

Source – Zwingfilms

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