VIDEO. Super-rare. Lamborghini Islero. Jay Leno’s Garage

Lamborghini made only 225 units of the Islero. Comedian Adam Corolla has one, and here it is.


We’ll be honest, we knew very little about the Lamborghini Islero before we watched this video. It’s not like you’re likely to see one on the road – Lamborghini made only 225 of them between 1968 and 1969, so they’re very, very rare.

Thankfully for us, comedian and car guy Adam Corolla owns one, and he took it to see fellow car nut Jay Leno and have a chat.

The Islero was powered by Lamborghini’s legendary 4-litre V12, and boasted a massive amount of power for the time – 325bhp in the standard car, and 350bhp in the S. In the late 1960s, that was dynamite.

Jay and Adam get out on the road and open up this newly-painted beauty in the California sunshine. Why yes, we are jealous. How did you know?

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