VIDEO: RAUH-Welt Begriff. Thailand Factory.

A whole heap of wide arched Porsche courtesy of RAUH-Welt Begriff Thailand Factory.

RAUH-Welt Begriff Thailand

There seems to be an RWB debate on the interwebasphere that continually pops up on websites, forums and social media feeds: what is the best RAUH-Welt Begriff car? Top favourites are normally the stunning ‘Stella Artois’ and ‘Rough Rhythm’ while many others prefer the even more extreme ‘Rotana’. With each car built by Akira Nakai having a distinct ‘personality’ it is obvious that there is no correct answer. But to make your own personal choice, you have to at least know all the options.

Looks like RAUH-Welt Begriff Thailand Factory have been busy adding to the RWB spotters list judging by the shed full (plus some) examples in this video. As for me, my favourite RWB car hasn’t changed, it’s still Nojima Yusuke’s ‘Real of the World’. Which you can now go and Google…

Source – porscheracingjapan

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