[VIDEO] Pennzoil’s new Joyride – Escaping the Ring with the BMW M4 CS

Pennzoil has done it again, giving the people what they want with a BMW M4 CS continuously drifting, on the “no drifting” Nurburgring.

Whenever we hear about a new Pennzoil video coming out, we immediately jump to watch it only because we know how good the video will be, and this time, Pennzoil delivers again, with a video we can all drool while watching.

With racing driver Rhys Millen behind the wheel, he takes the BMW M4 CS in Speed Yellow from a secret research facility, and goes out on a drift run outside and inside the Nordschleife, with a ton of burning rubber and tire smoke. With brilliant control around the corners and maintaining jaw dropping drifts, the amount of skills was not to disappoint.

The BMW M4 CS is the tweaked and hardcore of the M4, where it has become lighter and more powerful with 460hp, making it one of the most track-capable vehicle by BMW. I personally would’ve loved to see the video created with the GTS instead.

To see how the video was done, check out the behind the scenes video below to know more:

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