VIDEO. Lightweight Jaguar E-Type. The Missing Six

Jaguar’s final Lightweight E-Types finally break cover, more than 50 years after the original 12 made their debuts

Back in 1963, Jaguar figured it would be ambitious, and make the E-Type – if possible – even more delectable. Following inspiration from the company’s C and D-Type motorsport contenders, the British marque set to work constructing a limited edition run of lightweight E-Types, designed for on-track competition. Mighty limited it was too, Jaguar earmarking just 18 models for construction.

Now, whether the company purse ran dry, the blueprints were lost or some callous git pulled the plug has been lost to the annals of time, but only 12 of the originally designated 18 were completed. Today, some 51 years later, the last six of the ‘Special GT E-type’ project were unveiled in their entirety, The occasion marks the first time a full recreation has rolled out of Jaguar Land Rover Special Operations division’s doors courtesy of Jaguar Heritage.

Don’t think though that the six newboys are a simple copy-paste of their ancestors, complete with similar paintwork and ‘meh, that’ll do’ interior trim. Each of the six includes aluminium bodyshell, doors, bootlid, hardtop and bonnet as per the original ‘60s design. Each comes with one of the six originally designated chassis numbers, to ensure the 18-strong collection is complete. Lift the bonnet and you’ll even find the same 300hp 3.8-litre straight-six engines used for the original 12 Lightweights, all but one of which left Jaguar‘s Browns Lane competitions department in 1963. Each of the new Lightweights have already found homes with six ‘chosen’ customers. Gits!

If this – plus the news that Project 7 is about to hit production – were not enough to get your Jaaaaag on, the brand has also announced a prototype Lightweight  – ‘Car Zero’ – will make its debut in just a few days time at Pebble Beach Concours. Stiff competition indeed for the fastest Land Rover ever and the brand new McLaren 650S Sprint.

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