VIDEO: Honda Civic Type R Concept Unveil

The New Honda Civic Type R Concept is dubbed as ‘a racing car for the road’.

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Hondaholics have been chumping at the bit waiting for the latest red H-badged Civic to break cover and it is finally here. Well, sort of. The unfortunate tagging of the word ‘concept’ at the end of any model name is manufacturer-speak for ‘not yet confirmed for release and technical specifications and styling may differ somewhat when/if it does go into production’. At least we are a stage further in getting a proper sporty Honda back on the road.

The New Civic Type R Concept has been dubbed by the design team as ‘a racing car for the road’ which bodes well for a return to form from the marque that has previously brought us some of the most exciting FF hatchbacks to ever grace twisty tarmac. The engine has also been confirmed (for the ‘Concept’) as one of the brand new VTEC turbo engines from the Earth Dreams Technology range.

All we can say is that we are looking forward to both turbo and VTEC kicking in, yo!

Source – Honda Video

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