Video. Elysium 140-Year old Liberty Walk GTR gets its own video

The post-apocalyptic Nissan GTR from Elysium gets its own video… Unfortunately a slow one

SR Auto Group built a Liberty Walk GTR for the movie Elysium featuring Matt Damon, with a 140-years old steam-punk theme assuming how things would look like after an apocalypse.

When I first saw the thumbnail and location, I expected some “Mad Max” sort of action driving, but unfortunately it’s full of beauty shots rather than mesmerizing dirt drifting and hoonage. Nevertheless, the GTR looks incredible, specially with the artificial rust effects and sharpie graphics which finally fed my desires to see how a Khyzl Saleem render would look like if it turns into reality.

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If you haven’t watched Elysium, here’s a short clip where the GTR was involved in an open fire chase:

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