Check out this drift rod! Yes, a DRIFT rod!

We all appreciate a good hot rod don’t we? And even a rat rod is pretty cool, no? Well, here’s a flippin’ drift rod!

Drift Rod Saab-3

We have found a top-notch video in the form of a drift rod rocking a Ford body and harbouring SAAB power. This video from Carfection (formerly XCAR) shows a 1953 Ford Anglia built completely from scratch and running a Saab B234 lump.

The owner talks of how it took about eight months of evenings and weekends to build the car, dubbed Urchfab.It’s a quick turnaround and a not too shabby result, we thinks!

Urchfab is all about getting its drift on, though. At the rear is a fully adjustable four-link set-up. The owners tells of how there’s too much grip and that the car constantly tries to pull itself back straight. Future changes include fitting anti-roll bars to loosen the car up a bit.

Well don’t just take our word for it; Urchfab is simply brilliant.

Source – CarFection

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