VIDEO. BJ Baldwin and his truck are back

It’s always cool to see a truck crashing over bumps and dips like they’re nothing, but steps?!

BJ Ballistic Baldwin MonsterEnergy 01

The Hoonigan’s BJ Baldwin series ‘Recoil’ is back, and back with a bang it is.

In this video you can see, with 360degree viewing capability might we add, BJ thrash the hell out of his 800bhp Trophy Truck through Tacoma, Washington. The truck tackles some of the roughest terrain and gets a ridiculous amount of air at times. It even drives down a set of stairs like it’s smooth-like-butter tarmac.

The sound of that engine, toward the end in the hall, is also something to behold. Plus, if you watch it in the worst possible quality you can, it feels like you’re part of an old-school Grand Theft Auto (GTA) video game.

Source – The Hoonigans

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