ON-BOARD. Bentley Continental GT3 at Bathurst

Jump on-board a Bentley Continental GT3 around Mount Panorama with Briton Steven Kane during the 2017 Bathurst 12 Hours. You won’t regret it

A couple of things you should know before clicking Play. Firstly, this is the Mount Panorama Circuit in Bathurst, Australia, so that alone should warrant just under three minutes of your time. Another is Bentley M-Sport works driver Steven Kane. Almost no margin left for error through the hill section should confirm that, and if somehow that doesn’t, we dare you not to be impressed with the graceful manner the Brit scythes his way through traffic during free practice for the 2017 Bathurst 12 Hours. 

The other is the Bentley Continental GT3, which packs ‘up to 600bhp’ from a 4-litre Twin Turbo V8 and thus moves like no self-respecting 1300kg machine has any right to. Also, well, have you heard the sound of this thing?

And, er…yep, that should just about cover it. Enjoy!

Enjoy this on-board Bentley Continental GT3 video from Bathurst?

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Bentley Continental GT3
Engine: V8, twin-turbo, 4000cc
Power: 'up to 600bhp'
Torque: N/A
Transmission: Xtrac six-speed sequential, rear-wheel driev
Front suspension: Double wishbone, four-way adjustable racing dampers
Rear suspension: Double wishbone, four-way adjustable racing dampers
Brakes: N/A
Wheels: 13 x 18in OZ Racing (front and rear)
Tyres: 310/710 R18 (front and rear)
Weight: 1300kg
Power-to-weight: 462bhp/ton

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