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The original Honda NSX is a classic, and an icon. It’s also the latest item of an expanding collection for Scott King and Sandy Edelstein, that started with a 1965 Honda S600 and 1959 Mercury Park Lane.

Engine Power Torque 0-100kph Top speed Weight Basic price
V6, 2977cc 270bhp @ 7100rpm 210lb ft @ 5300rpm 5.9secs 270kph 1365kg (198bhp/ton) $65,000 (as of 1992)

Business as usual from Petrolicious, following the first of its ‘Morning Coffee’ miniseries starring a Ferrari 288 GTO. But just a heads up, those of you who clicked this link hoping to hear that 90s V6 soundtrack may be disappointed…

Today’s guests are Scott King and Sandy Edelstein, two car enthusiasts whose car collection has spiralled from the 1965 Honda S600 over which they met 17 years ago to more than a couple of dozen. And you’d be wrong in thinking this included pure drivers cars. Admittedly the duo’s tastes have begun evolving. Their earlier enthusiasm surrounded luxury American cruisers from the 1950s and 1960s, their most notable example being a 1959 Mercury Park Lane, a “gigantic plodding hulk”, that you “suggest where it goes rather than direct it”, much as it would be like “driving a living room around town”. The ’92 Honda NSX they recently acquired doesn’t exactly fit into that remit…

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It does however offer, what Scott and Sandy call, a “full breadth of automotive cuisine”, from those cars that are fun to own to those that are fun to drive. And, as we’ve found out previously on crankandpiston.com, the NSX falls squarely into the second group. Produced from 1990 before being dropped from Honda’s line-up for yet-another automated lawnmower in 2005, the New Sportscar eXperimental had Ferrari’s 348 squarely in its crosshairs, thanks to a 3-litre VTEC V6 producing 270bhp, the combined grey matter of Chief Designer, Masahito Nakano (designer) and Shigeru Uehara (engineer), and a considerably lower price tag. The fact that it handles like it was on rails courtesy of well-publicized development from Ayrton Senna, was the final nail in the prancing horse’s coffin. Not hard to see why it joined this collection…

It’s worth pointing out here that the duo still drives the ’59 Park Lane. Though tastes evolve over time, clearly they don’t change that much…

Enjoy this Honda NSX video?

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Honda NSX (1992)
Engine: V6, 2977cc
Power: 270bhp @ 7100rpm
Torque: 210lb ft @ 5300rpm
Transmission: Five-speed manual, rear-wheel drive
Front suspension: Independent aluminum double-wishbone with coil springs
Rear suspension: Independent aluminum double wishbone with coil springs and stabilizer bar
Brakes: Ventilated, 282 x 28mm (front), 282 x 21mm (rear)
Wheels: 6.5 JJ x 15in (front) 8.0 JJ x 16in (rear)
Tyres: 205/50 ZR15 (front), 225/50 ZR16 (rear)
Weight: 1365kg
Power-to-weight: 198bhp/ton
0-100kph: 5.9secs
Top speed: 270kph
Price: $65,000 (as of 1992)

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