16MY Bentley Continental GT Speed hits top speed

The 16MY Bentley Continental GT Speed has been taken to its top speed of 331kph by Australian racing legend John Bowe.


The six-time Australian touring car and two-time Bathurst 1,000 champion took the 626bhp 6.0-litre twin-turbo W12-powered GT Speed Grand Tourer car to its heights on the derestricted Stuart Highway, Australia.

With 607ft lb of torque it reached Vmax in 76 seconds, covering a distance of 9.4km.

Bentley Continental GT Speed

The Stuart Highway covers a distance of 2,834 km from Darwin in the Northern Territory to Port Augusta, South Australia – approximately the same distance as London to Istanbul or New York to Denver. In October 2013 the local Government announced a trial period of reverting to an open speed limit on the 200km stretch between Alice Springs and Barrow Creek. (Next location for a C+P test, maybe?).

At Vmax the 16MY Bentley Continental GT Speed circulates 216litres of coolant through its engine and radiator per minute, while drawing over 4,700litres of air through its radiator each second, and using 80% of its engine power to overcome aerodynamic loads.

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