Vespa Chairs. For scooting about the office. bel&bel

Custom handcrafted Vespa chairs from bel&bel Creative Studio, Barcelona.

Vespa BV-12 Chair

Have you have ever scooted about your office in a swivel chair? Perhaps you’ve even had a swivel chair race across the office floor with a work colleague? Well, now you can do it in style with an awesome Vespa BV-12 chair from bel&bel.

Vespa BV-12 Chair 2

bel&bel is a creative workshop based in Barcelona who ‘readapt’ old objects into functional pieces of art. We think the Vespa BV-12 chair is pretty awesome, however, the crankandpiston team take swivel chair racing quite seriously…

Vespa Gulf Racing

Our choice would be the Vespa Gulf Racing 65 edition because racecar. Um, scooter/chair thing. For more information check out bel&bel and turn your office into a swivel chair race track. Or…


… just chill out and watch the swivel chair racing from the comfort of a SEAT 600 Model ‘D’ sofa.

Source – bel&bel

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