Vauxhall previews GT Concept interior

The interior of the GT Concept from Opel can now be seen.

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Vauxhall / Opel has revealed interior images of its GT Concept, ahead of its debut at next month’s Geneva Motor Show.

At the centre of the two-seater sports car concept, is a system called Human Machine Interface (HMI). The self-learning system recognises a driver’s habits to which the car responds in spoken form and can, for example, chose the right music, route, and temperature, according to the situation.

The software is able to learn from every command, every touch of the steering wheel and every setting over days, months and years.

HMI also keeps a close eye on the car’s surroundings, aiming to improve overall safety. It can issue spoken warnings, for example: “Be careful. Don’t overlook the motorcycle behind us!” And instead of side door mirrors, the GT Concept relies on cameras mounted behind the front wheel arches to show what is happening behind and next to the car. The images are transmitted to round monitors to the left and right of the driver. In addition, the large central screen displays all desired information.

The instrument panel of the GT Concept is made from brushed aluminium, the round camera monitors are embedded in outer aluminium air jets with the polished GT emblem and the shining red seatbelt retractors reflect the design of the red front tyres.

There is also a touchpad to the centre console, should drivers not want to use voice commands. The centre console is made up of projection surfaces that can be backlit in different colours.

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