Trying to take on the Porsche 911? Think again

Le Mans welcomed Porsche back into the top flight of LMP1 in 2014 as the brand attempted to hit the top step for the first time in many years. It was the Porsche GT3 support race that got me musing though

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And the musing is quite simple. The stunningly exciting world of sports cars has been dominated by the venerable Porsche 911 since the mid 60’s, when Porsche decided it was high time to replace the then aging Porsche 356. From that day forward, Porsche has played the continuous evolution game, generation after generation, eking out the best they can from the rear engined platform. While they’ve been playing their engineering game through the ages, brand after brand have come after the 911, attempting to take that dominating market share away from them. Even in the doldrum years when Porsche really struggled financially and from an engineering perspective, the 911 was still the de-facto sports car money could by. The everyday weapon of choice. Capable of the school run, the canyon carving mission on a weekend and more than capable of being a track day warrior when asked for.

But what of the competition? Every man and their dog has given it a shot, yet continually failed to match what the 911 is capable of providing the owner in question. But why? What is the elusive ingredient? Why do the likes of Aston Martin, Jaguar, Nissan, BMW, Audi, continue to fail in toppling the Porsche?

Continued motorsport heritage, that’s what. Win on Sunday, sell on Monday. It might be an old school ideology, but it is one that clearly holds testimony. A clear cut example is the video below.

For the first time in too many years to recount, Porsche returned to top flight motorsport. Gone are the days of customer supported teams and middle order trophies. Porsche wanted the top step and the trophy to accompany it, however in doing so, they had the pleasure of putting on a support race. Can you name another brand that could pull together a 60+ car grid made up of regional championships taking place across the globe? No, I didn’t think so.

So competitors. Yes your cars are superb, but if you ever really want to take on the might of the grey bearded 911. Win on Sunday. Sell on Monday. FACT.


Source – Motors TV via Axis of Oversteer

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