Toyota FT-86 Open Concept. Leaked ahead of Geneva

Let the comments begin. The now highly anticipated Toyota 86 Open concept has arrived. Yeah yeah, concept… what ever.

We all know the car is nigh on production and will be making it’s way in to the product line up at your nearest Toyota showroom soon.  Whether the leak of images and a video was on purpose or not, it’s happened and thanks to the team at, we can bring you these quite lovely selections of colour. Thankfully we will get to see a lot more of it very soon, as we hop on a plane bound for Geneva and will ensure we bring you more images and details then.

We certainly love the new larger wheel and tyre package and the more premium feel of the interior, although that is clearly concept frill for the pictures and added effect (when ever have you seen concept sized wheels make production?). Whether the dynamics will be torn from the heart and soul of a car that badges itself as a drivers car is conjecture in itself. Do Toyota need the product? Probably yes. Does the public? Yeah, maybe.

Either way, we’ll have the full details live from Geneva in just a few days. For now, there is an image gallery to see lots of pretty pictures of the topless wonder, and a pretty cool video of it on the move in what looks like South Africa.


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