Toyota 86. TRD Griffon Concept. 2014

The TRD Griffon Concept is back for 2014. This time more hardcore than ever.

Toyota 86. TRD Griffon Concept. 2014

We’ve been following the build of the Toyota Racing Development Griffon since it first burst onto the scene as a skunk works exercise by Toyota, with a view of seeing just how fast they could take their little Toyota 86, without messing too much with the motor.

It was and still is a flight of passion with a slight connection to their TRD accessories program. Not that much of a connection though, as most of what you now see on the car will never have the pleasure of making the showroom floor. Does anyone really care though when the inspiration they provide is more than enough to most?

The sheer amount of man power, time, testing and ultimately passion to the cause is clear. The TRD team are pushing the boundaries even further with their 2014 activities with the car. Further aero work, chassis work and drive-train modifications have been the order of the day and although there are no times muted in this video, it is sure to well on the road to that prized sub 1.00 minute lap around Tsukuba.

The march forward for this performance focused Neo Hachi-Roku continues unabated.

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