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Knocks from the front suspension signal an imminent service for The Management Fleet Toyota 86 TRD

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Driver's Log
Date acquired: October 2015
Total kilometres: 10,764
Kilometres this month: 983
Costs this month: $0
L/100km this month: 8.7

I mentioned in last month’s write up that Toyota’s 86 TRD is a pain in the bum – quite literally – to get in and out of. Well, I think I’ve mastered it. If you own a TRD 86 and struggle to wedge your butt in its well-styled bucket seats then this is a must read.

I got a bit fed up of having to move the seat back and forth when entering and getting out of the car, so I found another way. Granted, it’s not the most elegant of solutions. You’ll need to start by sliding your right leg in and under the steering wheel, then lift your bum over the bolster, and while the rest of your body is still outside the car lower yourself in by bringing your left leg into the car at the same time, all without smacking your head on the frame.

Getting out is a bit more difficult. First, tilt your left hip up and shift your body to the left at the same time so that your right leg is to the left of the steering wheel: be warned, this may take some practice. After that, lift your left leg out of the car (being female there isn’t the problem of dangly bits, but I am only 5’ 6” so it can be a struggle reaching the floor – swings and roundabouts, though), then push off with your right leg, easing yourself out of the car. Simple, and relatively bruise-free.

Onto other more practical concerns. It’s been a pretty tough month for The Management Fleet Toyota TRD 86. It’s been a busy one here at evo Middle East, what with the Dubai Motor Show and other well-planned motoring events in the region. As such, the TRD is now due a service, which means Toyota will shortly be taking our fun little rear-wheel-drive model away from us. It’s also developed a knocking sound to the front suspension (it sounds as though the top mount may have shifted) when driving over typically uneven roads and speed bumps, so it’s safe to say it needs a break and a good seeing to. It’s still just as exciting to drive, albeit a little noisier than it once was, and we’re hoping some TLC will have it ready for it’s final month of action in January.

Technical specifications available on page 2

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