Top 7 Valentino Rossi controversies

Marco Marquez, Argentina ’15

Valentino Rossi 03

You didn’t think Malaysia was the first contretemps between the two World Champions this year, did you? Things had already come to a head 14 rounds earlier when Rossi – having started eighth and now charging back against the race leader – drew to within a second with just two laps to go. Having made his move into turn one, Rossi took the lead only to find Marquez fighting back, almost literally. Seconds later, the Honda rider was down, his front tyre seemingly wiped out by Rossi’s rear entering the next tight left hander, but no further action was taken as the GOAT swept through for his 84th motoGP victory. The seeds had been sewn…

Source – Super Hero (yes, really…) and FoxSports

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