Top 10 crankandpiston photoshoots from 2015

7. Mercedes-Maybach S600 meets ’59 W180 220S (November)

            Photographer – Harisanker.S

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“The Maybach is a completely different animal. While the 220S boasts chrome detailing down the doors and the flowing wheel arches that begat its famous nickname – the ‘Ponton’, German for ‘pontoon’ – the S600 is sleek and almost aggressive, the S-Class underpinnings are obvious past some Maybach badges and enormous 22in alloy wheels”

We’re wracking our brains to think of a more comfortable twin test we’ve conducted at, and are so far drawing a blank (well, save the God awful humidity on the day itself). Photographer Hari meanwhile was focusing more on the looks of the brand new Mercedes-Maybach and the retro W180: one a more elegant and rounded tribute to modern day Mercs, the other a more ornate testament to a time now gone.


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