Top 10 crankandpiston photoshoots from 2015

5. 1970 Plymouth Barracuda (May)

            Photographer – Arun M. Nair

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“In 1970, Plymouth had finally found a Barracuda that could compete on both a visual and performance level with the segment’s biggest contenders. And I’ve been entrusted to take this meticulously kept future birthday present for a spin. Gulp!”

Our publishing editor’s second retro muscle car of the year proved to be a memorable one. Having got his eye in with a ‘79 Firebird Trans-Am just three months earlier, confidence to push the envelope that little bit more was higher. Not behind the wheel, obviously – he’s too much of a wimp for that – but with the photography. And, as the several drifts he performed on sand demonstrated, owner Nader is a good sport.


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