Top 10 crankandpiston photoshoots from 2015

2. Ferrari California T (March)

            Photographer – Christopher List

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“The previous California was a bit of a dog. It was ugly, soft and not exactly riveting to drive. If it didn’t have a Prancing Horse on its nose, I doubt many people would have bought one. So as you can imagine I was pretty surprised when the new California T turned out to be fantastic.”

So convinced were we by the new Ferrari California T that our first test was one of three features published on crankandpiston during the year, the second during a successful bout against the Aston Martin Vanquish Volante. As well as handling far better than its predecessor and offering the critical Ferrari ‘heart’ many though lost by its twin-turbo V8, the new California T seriously looked the part, thanks to a more honed, less ‘cutesy’ approach to the outgoing California. Special guest photographer Christopher List was similarly impressed, particularly after spending a full day with Maranello’s baby.


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