TOM’S Racing Toyota GR Yaris revealed – homologation special gains focus

Japanese racing outfit TOM’S becomes the latest firm to mod the new Toyota GR Yaris


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Iconic Japanese firm TOM’S Racing has now revealed its first modified components for the new GR Yaris. Development is still underway, but with TOM’S exceptional heritage tuning Toyotas over the last three decades is anything to go by, it should certainly yield some exciting results. 

Initially TOM’S has focused on design changes, building on the standard GR Yaris’ aggressive aesthetic to create something typical of the Japanese tuning scene. Starting with a new front bumper, it has been designed with altered intakes for improved airflow to the intercooler and brakes. It also features a set of canards and a deeper front splitter with rally-style endplates. At the rear is a larger, diffuser section with a central exhaust exit, and air outlets situated at the outer edges of the rear bumper.

The exterior mods continue with matching side skirts and a large roof-mounted wing, although exactly how effective the new bodywork and aero devices are at creating downforce is still to be ratified. 

The standard GR Yaris’s ride height has been lowered with new springs and dampers, the latter adjustable Luck Elsport V1-DFA units. The factory 18-inch wheels have also been replaced with forged Rays G025 wheels wrapped in sticky Dunlop Sport Maxx 050+ rubber. TOM’S has even upgraded the impressive factory brake package, swapping them out with a track-ready six-pot Endless Mono 6 Rally package.

TOM’S has also stripped almost all convenience features from the interior in the pursuit of saving weight. The standard front seats have been swapped out for a set of lightweight Recaro RMS 2600As, weighing just 4.4kg a piece, with the standard door cards also swapped for carbonfibre units. No final weight figures have been provided, they should yield an improvement on the already lithe 1280kg factory kerb weight.

TOM’S has not revealed any specific power upgrades to the engine, but it is expected to feature an increase in power up from the standard car’s 257bhp. British tuner Litchfield is already eyeing around 300bhp from its software upgrade package, but it remains to be seen whether TOM’S will go further with upgrades to the hardware and cooling. 

Pricing and availability for TOM’S modifications have yet to be announced in Japanese markets. We expect this will not be the last tuning company to offer parts for the GR Yaris, which is fast becoming yet another cult model in the tuning scene.

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