THROWBACK THURSDAY. Following the 2016 race last weekend, Leo Parente and the Drive ‘Shakedown’ crew head to The Spa 24 in 2013 in a McLaren MP4-12C to check out one of the world’s most popular endurance races.

“Spa’s a driver’s track. But it’s not Le Mans, Nürburgring, or Silverstone. It has its own character”. The words of Radio Le Mans legend John Hindhaugh.

The above, plus Daytona, may take the lion’s share of the endurance racing spotlight, but for those who compete at it, The Spa 24 is among the most popular enduros on the planet. Leo Parente and the Drive crew found this out first hand when they visit the Spa 24 Hours back in 2013.

Not known for doing things by half, this included an epic road trip to the event in a McLaren MP4-12C, particularly apt given that Bruce McLaren’s first win with his eponymous outfit was with the McLaren M7A at Spa in 1968. Several hours of hooning down sinuous winding roads in the pissing rain, the ‘Shakedown’ crew finally makes its way to Spa for the pre-event build up. As well as the preparation of the McLaren cars on the grid – particularly the Von Ryan Racing 12C GT3s – the crew also check out the event build up, the crowd, the teams and the drivers, and – after countless configuration changes over the years – that defining ‘character’ that makes the Spa 24 Hours what it is.

Even if you’re not big into motorsport, you’ll still want to check out this Throwback video from Drive: who knew that Leo Parente was such a McLaren fan…

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