Through the Eyes of Formula 1. Personal Insights

There are a lot of Formula One books on sale now that give us information about noteworthy races, cars, drivers, teams and – on the odd occasion – motorhomes. Zoom’s new project, Through the Eyes of Formula 1, provides something different though.

So used are F1 fans to PR and marketing driven media events, candid interviews and press conferences – where the driver usually ‘has to thank the team for its great efforts’ – that we forget the human aspect that pervades throughout the sport. Accordingly, Zoom decided it would be a great idea to give the drivers and team bosses themselves their own cameras and collect the images together for an altogether different view of the F1 circus.

The results are very interesting allowing us to see through the eyes of 48 different F1 drivers like Mario Andretti, Michael Schumacher and series supremo Bernie Ecclestone, and thus provide an ‘inside’ feel of the sport.

To give it a more personal touch, the photos taken are not only of the pits and cockpits but also captured are more personal pictures with everything from pets and favourite cars to childhood holiday homes: did you know for example that newly confirmed Ferrari test driver Pedro de la Rosa used to summer in Porto Colom in Mallorca?

If that’s not a good enough sales pitch, you might be interested to learn that profits from the sale of the book go directly to the Great Ormond Street Hospital.

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