The Volkswagen Golf R Wagon is all the car you’ll ever need

Off-roading aside, we reckon the Golf R Wagon will be all things to all people.

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Last week, Volkswagen used the Los Angeles Motor Show to unveil the new Golf R Station Wagon. To this author’s mind, it’s as close as you can get to being all cars for all people.

Let’s get the immediate caveat out of the way – if you want to do serious off-roading, then obviously this won’t work. Although it does have all-wheel drive, which will be enough for some light work away from the tarmac.

But otherwise, the Golf R Wagon is everything you need it to be. Need to take the kids to school? It’s a Golf – plenty of room in the back seat. Want to do a big Ikea shop? Fold the back seats down and as a wagon you’ll have a ton of space. Commuting for business? The Golf R is understated cool; not flashy, but superbly smart both inside and out

That’s the sensible stuff covered. Want to hit the mountain roads? Well, it might have a bigger booty, but it’s still a Golf R underneath – one of our favourite hot hatches of the last few years. We’ve driven the hatch version not only on the road, but also on the track, and it’s brilliant fun there as well. With a 296bhp 2-litre turbocharged engine, it’ll fly along and the handling is superb.

We’ve long lusted after Europe’s big power wagons – the Audi Avants, the BMW Tourings and so on – but they’re all at the pricier end of the market. This is the same concept, but in affordable Golf form. Compared to its swankier German rivals, this is an absolute bargain. Sadly it won’t go to all markets, but if you’re in a region where there are no plans to bring the Golf R Wagon to town, we suggest you get on the phone and harangue your local dealer.

Have we got it wrong? Is there another car that’s as flexible as the Golf R? Let us know in the comments section below.

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