The search for speed. John Hennessey. XCAR

Want a car that has so much power than traction is a problem up to 225kph? Speak to John Hennessey.


John Hennessey has a problem. Whenever he sees a new sports car, he starts thinking about how to make it faster. He’s never happy. He sees a Bugatti Veyron, and wants to beat it with a Dodge Viper. He sees a Lotus Exige, and wants to put that supercharged Viper engine in it.

John Hennessey has done both of those things, and plenty more. He spoke to the guys from XCAR about the awesome Hennessey Venom, his quest for speed and the role that the Middle East played in making the Venom a reality. A 435kph reality, as evidenced by in-car footage from the car’s top speed run at the Kennedy Space Center.

Source: XCAR

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