The Raptor. Ford F-150. Dubai Desert

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I know big pick up trucks are generally seen as an institution in the USA, but in my mind there has always been something appealing about taking an outlaw Baja truck and making it road legal. Now it would seem that the crazy gang at SVT ‘skunk’ operations in Michigan have gone and done just that!

I will reserve complete judgement until I have had the pleasure of hacking one through the desert sand and launched one off the top of a dune. In the mean time I will placate my desires to be a deep south rocker by watching this cool clip put together by the guys at Ford Middle East.

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  1. Possibly the worst ever music put on a Youtube video this millenium but it doesn’t matter – that truck is simply awesome.

    I’ve already read the reviews online and apparently this one’s the real deal – more than just big tirmes and a fancy lift kit, it’s got properly amazing, bump and jump soaking up suspension matched by ample power.

    Oh how I would looooooooove to play with one 🙂