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What if Ford and Martini had teamed up to dominate rally races across Europe in the 1960s? Hypothetical pondering from Petrolicious
Ford Mustang

Some people go through a ‘car phase’ and then move on to other things. For the rest of us, cars have managed to get their immovable hook implanted so far within our psyche that we have no escape and must endure the bitter/sweet pleasure of sleepless nights and empty bank accounts for life. Cars are awesome though so it is time and money well spent.

For Steve Strope, of Pure Vision, his sleepless nights produced a concept, a “what if” moment where he imagined Ford and Martini Racing had hooked up in the 1960s to dominate rally races across Europe. Being an automotive fabricator meant he had the skills to make this vision real and the Martini Mustang was born. The cherry on the cake is the 1966 Ford/Lotus Indy car motor that ensures his hypothetical historical racer has real world performance.

Source – Petrolicious

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