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Life with the MINI 50 Mayfair is progressing rather nicely. We’ve still not had a chance to give the car a proper going over on some of the nice stretches of road in the region, however we’ve had plenty of chance to learn its merits on a high-speed cruise.

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The MINI’s been drawing a lot of interest from those in the racing community with a number of people asking about its merits. The chocolate brown paintwork is also a talking point, as is the pinstripe detailing in the cabin.

We’re growing to appreciate the merits of the turbocharged 1.6-litre engine – it never fails to deliver on the smile factor when the opportunity arises. However, the aural excitement element is slightly lacking – especially compared to the supercharged Cooper S of yore.

Still, one of the major benefits of the turbo’d engine is its fuel economy. It will happily do a full two days’ worth of running from Dubai to Abu Dhabi and back before the low fuel light makes an appearance. I still remember the time I had a supercharged MINI in the UK and struggled to drive more than 200kms before the tank was drained.

It’s easy for some to knock the MINI as being just a fashion-led frippery, but they’re doing the car a massive disservice. People in this part of the world are really missing out if they’ve never driven a MINI.

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  1. HI Faisal,

    ‘Our’ MINI Mayfair is due to go into the BMW Premium Selection area of the AGMC dealership in Dubai in around a month’s time, therefore we’d recommend looking there.

    As with all BMW Premium Selection cars, it will have gone through a thorough series of checks and will be presented in an ‘as-new’ condition, except for the number on the odometer of course!

    • Hey Tom,

      Thanks for getting back to me in such a short period! If you don’t mind me asking , curious to know if it’s a tip-tronic+navigation fully loaded version?

      Kindest Regards

  2. Hey there, I am in search of a slightly Used mini mayfair in UAE! Any ideas .