The Little Red Racing Car. In full. On a t-shirt

The Little Red Racing Car. On a t-shirt. In its entirety. Which is awesome!


Now THIS is how you promote a book.

As you may remember from our interview, Dwight T Knowlton recently followed up his success with The Little Red Racing Car by launching a much-requested sequel, The Greatest Race. With support from both Merceds-Benz and the great Sir Striling Moss, TGR tells the story of the Sir Stirling’s 1955 Mille Miglia victory across 1600km at an unprecedented (and likely unbeatable) 160kph average speed. Even though it’s a children’s book, even we’re keen to give that a read.

But what of TLRRC? Though available across 20 countries and in multiple languages, how does Dwight make sure that his first literary creation for his son stays in the public sphere. Printing the entire thing on a t-shirt is a pretty cool way to go.

Though not yet available through the online store just yet, expect more details soon on

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