The Jaguar C-X75 is alive! Sort of

Jaguar is using its cancelled hybrid supercar as a test platform for thrashing around new ideas.

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Last year, Jaguar announced that its eagerly awaited 850bhp hybrid supercar, the C-X75, would not in fact be going into production as planned. Despite the new products coming out of Porsche, Ferrari and McLaren, Jag decided that the midst of an ongoing financial crisis was not the best time to launch a million dollar-plus hypercar.

But there’s no sense in throwing a perfectly good ultra-vehicle away. Instead, five of the prototypes are being used to test new high performance and low emission technologies. These include new carbon-composite materials and hybrid powertrains developed alongside Williams Advanced Engineering – a sister firm of the Williams F1 team. As this rather large gallery of pictures shows, there’s plenty of drool-worthy stuff on the C-X75, and it’ll continue to evolve in order to improve other future products.

Basically, Jaguar has no current plans to sell the C-X75. It just wants the world to know that it could if it wanted to.

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