Is the future of Bugatti up in the air?

There have been a few reports recently about the global emissions scandal, surrounding the Volkswagen group, affecting Bugatti and the launch of its new Chiron model.

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Well, Jalopnik recently reported that Bugatti says everything will continue as planned.

The Chiron is expected to cost €2.2 million at launch, for the basic-specification model – so it would make sense for Bugatti to be targeted first. Wolfsburg is continuing to tighten the reigns on spending, to pay for the fines and recalls resulting from the scandal.

If the model does go ahead as planned, specification expectations sit at a 1480bhp quad-turbo 8.0-litre W16 lump, with 1106lb ft of torque and top speed of 464kph.

So, the slight sigh of relief in the Ferrari and McLaren camps may well be short-lived.

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