Techrules eyes European production after successful Geneva debut

Techrules has announced its plans to expand into Europe with its new turbine-recharging electric vehicle (TREV).

Techrules supercar

Techrules has announced plans for production of its TREV supercar, following a successful launch at this year’s Geneva motor show.

The new Beijing automotive research and development company has already started to identify potential locations to establish its European production base, with a final decision being made toward the end of the year.

Its Turbine-Recharging Electric Vehicle (TREV) features an all-new patent-protected hybrid powertrain system encompassing a turbine-generator. TREV is a range extender system that uses a micro-turbine to generate electricity that charges a battery pack. The battery powers the motors that drive the wheels.

The supercar is said to produce a peak power output of 1,030bhp and the company’s initial projections indicate a 0-100kph of just 2.5seconds! Yes, that’s not a typo! It is also said to have a mile range of over 2000km.

Techrules plans to launch China’s first supercar – featuring its TREV technology – into the global market in the next two-to-three years.

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