TEASER? Aston Martin ‘meets’ Vulcan XH558 jet

What happens when a 1950s V Bomber meets a 21st century 800bhp, 320+kph hyper car? Well, not a huge amount actually…

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Let’s put this into perspective. The Vulcan XH558 first took to the skies in 1952 and saw service, amongst other areas, over the Falklands during Britain’s conflict with Argentina. Grounded in 1984 – ahead of its full retirement this year – the delta wing packs two Olympus 202 jet engines and around 20,000lb of thrust, is capable of more than 1000kph, costs a sizeable $29,000 for every flight, and today still costs an eye-watering $3.4 million each year just for maintenance.

Then there’s Gaydon’s naturally aspirated Vulcan, Aston Martin’s answer to the LaFerrari FXX K and the McLaren P1 GTR. Under the carbon fibre bodywork lies a 700bhp 7.0-litre V12 capable of 320+kph, and only 24 examples of the $2.7 million track special will be built.

Consider all of that, then think what Aston could have done with all that potential. A drag race? Aerial and asphalt donuts? At the very least half a dozen fly-bys, yes?

Nope. What we end up with is 30 seconds of black and white glamour shots, and a static Aston Martin.

We hope – we REALLY hope – there is more to come…

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