Super Bowl. Car Commercial Craziness interrupts your normal viewing pleasure for an extended commercial break…

Super Bowl Commercials

The success of a sporting event is no longer measured by the prowess of athletes on the field. Nor is it measured by the horde of fans who attend the event in person. No, the success of a sporting event is measured by the amount of people glued to their television, sitting on their sofa, scoffing pizza and downing beverages while watching it.

One of the most successful sporting events is therefore the Super Bowl. We don’t really understand the rules – as it is not motorsport related – but manufacturers know that it’s prime time television with a massive captive audience of sofa sitting, TV watching, beverage drinking, pizza eating viewers who are susceptible to the subliminal messages contained within advertising.

Here follows a collection of this year’s Super Bowl car commercials. Scheduled programming will resume shortly…

Ever wondered why all the villains in Hollywood movies are played by Brits? Jaguar have the answer in their #GoodToBeBad commercial.

Audi genetically engineer a Doberhuahua to (apparently) highlight the “frightening consequences of bringing compromise into the world.”

Morpheus, Agent Smiths and bent spoons Challenge the luxury you know™ in Kia’s K900 commercial

Every time a Volkswagen hits 100,000 miles, a German Engineer gets his wings. *Red Bull is a banned substance for German Engineers and seen as cheating.

Hyundai highlight how the upcoming generation are incapable of doing anything which necessitates technology that removes responsibility.

And we have no idea what Hyundai are saying in this one…

If we have missed any then let us know and we will tag them on.

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