Subaru BRZ. Slip Slide Video

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Can anyone disagree with the fact that between Toyota and Subaru, the automotive internet world has been on fire the last couple of weeks/months/days? For a car that initially brought confusion to the Toyota/Subaru marketing department, it actually feels like everytime they sneezed a tease, or released some juicy details the spread of info and speed of spread just notched up. A win then…

The car is a bit of a game changer in terms of itself. Back to basics would be the best way to describe it. Gone are the electronics, the weight and all the useless gizmos that board members feel we need and back comes simplicity, a low centre of gravity, deft handling and a price that will be affordable to most.

No it doesn’t get to 100 in 4 seconds and it certainly can’t lap that place in Germany in under eight minutes, but honestly who cares? It gives the public, the average guy in the street, something to cherish, tune, tweak and generally enjoy.

We’ve shown you the Toyota/Scion versions… now it’s time for the Subaru. Yes the music is terrible, but watching this little RWD machine slip sliding around makes it all worth while.

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