Subaru BRZ. drive. Double the Horsepower, Triple the Torque

“What happens when you take a Subaru BRZ, double the horsepower and triple the torque output?”


Madness. Plain and simple.

Anybody who’s followed the Factory Five and Mitsubishi Evo X builds on crankandpiston will know that opening the bonnet and spannering the power needle up to ‘mental’ doesn’t work. You’re going to need a new engine built from the ground up, as was the case with the FA20 boxer engine in this BRZ from Crawford Performance, the team behind Ken Block’s first Gymkhana Subaru. This beast boasts 500lb ft of torque and 430hp, which by the time it reaches the drive channel’s YouTube video description has been upped to 450hp.

With his love of all things antiquated Subaru suddenly on high alert, there’s nothing left for Matt Farah to do but check out ‘the obscene speed’ of the BRZ.

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