Straight from Paris. Peugeot HR1. Another segment maker?

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Along with Renault, Peugeot is always a Marque switched on when it comes to delivering clever design. However the HR1 Concept is a bit more odd than stunning.

Now ignoring the rather odd European looks, this little pug has rather an intriguing little power plant. There is a dinky turbocharged 1.2-liter three-cylinder petrol motor in the usual spot and a 37 hp electric engine out back. So with a combined 147 hp – when it’s all hooked up – and fuel economy sitting at 3.5l per 100 kms, it sounds good from here.

Mind you having said all of that it is unsurprisingly sat outside any current product plans to bring the HR1 to the streets. Shame really as it would most certainly have its spot.

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