Speed Test Jordan. Round 2

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What the heck is Jordanian Speed Test? Take a little rallying, mix in some Autocross, shake with Gymkhana and stir with a good measure of Drifting and you’re just about there.

These boys have been at it for years – the competition’s plain hardcore and so is the machinery. Perfect example: that papapapapap sound in the video? Just an antilag system trying to deal with a 500-600hp monster. The Bugeye Sprite at the end? Powered by a supercharged rotary engine (ed: having known Barkev the for 4+ years I can attest that he is as bonkers as the car!!). The AE86? Sounds more like an RB26…

You get the picture.

Thought this vid was worth a good share – seems a real good effort’s gone into the camera work and editing, giving a nice peek into this most rare and unique of Middle Eastern motorsports.

Just tune out past the unfortunate techno music and enjoy the eye candy.

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