Speed and the Art of Letting Go. TEASER. Forces at work

This teaser to an upcoming documentary entitled ‘Speed and the Art of Letting Go’ goes a long way to describing life on the drag strip.


“Some wait for one, others wait for three. Then you go. Maybe it’s like jumping from a balloon, at the edge of space.”

Few of us have or indeed ever will get to experience the face-melting turns of speed felt by professional drag racers on every run, though this snippet from an upcoming documentary by Sleeper Pictures and Matthew Day Jackson entitled Speed and the Art of Letting Go goes someway to explaining it. Directed by Brendan Bellomo and with the help of MDJ Racing, this amazing cinematography comes courtesy of Greg Wilson.

To give you some kind of clue at the forces at work – captured by a Phantom Flex4K Digital Cinema Camera – check out the tyre deformation at 44s, the speed and time of this practice run at 1m 18s, and the almost terrifying bodyshell wobble at 50s.

Source – Gregory Wilson

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