Smittybilt Gear. Ultimate Seat Covers

We can’t ever have enough storage space. It’s in our nature to find places to stuff things, and the car is the weakest link.


Unless you fancy a quick trip to Pimp My Ride, you aren’t going to have a cabinet or a racking system in your wagon. If you’re fond of weekend drives out to the desert or the mountains then you could find that space is at a major premium. That load bay of your truck is home to the cool box, spare wheel, ratchet straps, MotoX bike, children and any other generally required junk.

What of these then? Made by Smittybilt, these Gear Seat Covers are the answer to your requirements. Not only do they give your seats all the protection of a normal seat cover, they come loaded to the rafters with pockets, storage holes and all the places you need for that road trip gear you didn’t think you needed but always seem to need.

Thankfully, with the high variety of off-roaders rocking around the region, the covers are available in a range sizes, shapes and colours so you can find the right cover for your Jeep, Land Rover, GMC, Jeep or pretty much any truck.

As they are modular in design you can add and remove pockets to give you exactly what you need. Personalisation for the win! With the harsh weather conditions you’ll also be happy to read they are made from mans favourite material, polyester! Throw in a PVC liner, making them highly durable and they are ready for any abuse you or your family can throw at them.

Now all we need is the weekend toy to pop them in.

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