Skoda 130 LR does a Ken Block

Czech Republic rally team Trotina – and countryman Petr Šimurda – prove to Ken Block just what they can do with their own Gymkhana.

Trotina RallyTeam Petr S?imurda Skoda 130 LR Czech Republic 01

Come on, own up: how many of you have watched Ken Block’s Gymkhana videos and thought to yourselves, ‘I could do that’? Yep, us too, but we doubt Dubai Mall will close down their multi-storey parking lot long enough for us to find out how far off the pace we are.

This hasn’t stopped the Trotina Rally Team however, who have set up their very own Gymkhana course in their backyard in the Czech Republic. And no, they’re not using anything as gauche as a Ford Fiesta ST. In true retro style, Czech driver Petr Šimurda is using a 130 LR, produced by Czech company AZNP during the late 1980s but actually marketed as a Skoda.

Šimurda’s test mule has received a few drivetrain tweaks from Fiedler and Kalmar, but during its ‘peak’ years in Group B rallying, the naturally aspirated 1290cc four-cylinder threw up to 132bhp through the rear wheels. Only a change in the regulations and an effective ban on rear-engined cars competing in world rallying stopped the 130 LR competing further past its 1988 retirement year.

Source – Trotina RallyeTeam

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