Sideways in a Bentley. Continental GT3 R. Chris Harris on Cars

Part racing car, part stately home – it’s the Bentley Continental GT3 R.


Bentleys. Stately, opulent luxo-barges. Not drift machines. Right?

Well, perhaps we spoke too soon. Bentley has got properly into reviving its motorsport heritage of late, and went as far as building a race car – the Continental GT3. They took a Continental, stripped out all the luxury stuff, made it completely performance-orientated, and stuck on the race track, where it’s actually done rather well.

Now, that racing spirit is being reflected on the road. Put simply, Bentley kept most of the new performance stuff, but shoved all the luxury back in again to make the 580bhp Continental GT3 R.

Chris Harris, the internet’s favourite sideways simian, has been for a play with the Continental GT3 R to try and figure out if it makes sense. Because that’s what he does.

Source: Chris Harris on Cars

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