Shot of the day // Roasting Discs

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  1. Ok as a second generation mechanic ,ASE certified,I have doubts about the pic. That much heat and friction would tranfer to the tires….shouldn’t they be smoken and what about the hub assembly and bearings ,rubber brake hoses and calipers. I would have to see this live

    • its a race car. there are no rubber hoses. all of its brake lines are steel braided and high temp materials are used elsewhere. as a mechanic, you probably haven’t worked on many carbon ceramic brakes as they are only available on high-end exotics and a small number of high-end sports cars.

      I’m rather amazed how no one thinks this is real. unburned fuel dumped into the super-heated exhaust during shifts WILL cause blue flames to shoot out of the exhaust. those flames will be unaffected by the speed of the car because the aerodynamics are designed to smooth air flow ESPECIALLY at the rear because usually that is where you find negative pockets of pressure that create drag. and ANY car with carbon ceramic brakes WILL glow reddish-orange under heavy braking. once again, its a race car, so it doesn’t have functioning taillights.

      ^^^video of another car with CC brakes cornering. glowing rotors clearly visible.

  2. retards of this site… farrari guy, your a twat, brake discs do glow red, no matter what, and has it occured to any1 that he could be braking while the phot has been taken???
    flames come out cars when exhuast are hot, just burning of the unburt fuel.
    am no expert and my spelling aint the best but fuck me, have some common sence and just enjoy the photo.

  3. fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuk all of you! what ever happened to looking at a damn picture and thinking what you think of it? jesus christ. maybe it was photoshopped… maybe it wasnt! WHO THE FUK CARES WHAT YOU THINK OF IT BESIDES YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! only the person who took the picture will know 😉 and hes probably laughing his ass off right now reading what all of you retards are arguing about hahahahahahahahaha i know i am!! all i know is ferraris are fukin sweeeeet AND THIS PICTURE IS FUKIN AWESOME! peace out. please keep it irie

  4. I see these pictures on the web, and in magazines all over. Rotors heat up like that, because the pads in the calibers are tightly pressed up against the rotors causing frictune!
    Oh and steve76 or what ever thefuck your name is don’t disrespect for spelling or you will never get your tiny penis suck by your chain again!

  5. *fellow* *damn* *rotors* *friction*

    Every one(everybody on) here are just assholes(.) respect you(your) fello(sic) man dam(sic)(,) it’s just a picture(of) the brake roaters(sic)(they) will never heat up to red hot because they are ceramic and it would take 3 solid hours of frictune(sic)(.) and the flames that are coming out of the pipes is(are) real(.) I get customers that ask(that) all(of) the time(.)

    I’d rather be an asshole than totally illiterate.

  6. Ferrari service tech

    Every one here are just assholes respect you fello man dam it’s just a picture the brake roaters will never heat up to red hot because they are ceramic and it would take 3 solid hours of frictune and the flames that are coming out of the pipes is real I get customers that ask all the time

  7. This thread has absolutely made my day. So funny! It is a great picture, no doubt. Has it been slightly enhanced? Probably. Does it matter? Certainly not. The people who shout ‘Fake’! at every available opportunity are the same people who say the moon landings, 9/11 and the Titanic sinking were fake too. If I have learned one thing it is that those types of people will never back down no matter what evidence they are presented with.

    Lovely car though, Not as nice as my solid gold Bugatti Veyron though…

  8. This is not from GT5, If GT5 were capable of creating this kind of picture quality, I’d have 14 copies.

  9. I don’t know why the fuck it matters if it’s fake or not. but that massive V12 is capable of blowing blue flames when running methanol, but these particular flames look pasted on. As for the rotors, A simple increase in contrast will create that super bright glowing effect. His rotors are burning red in this pic, but not THAT red.

  10. I can’t believe nobody has mentioned or realized that this is probably from a video game screenshot… I made pictures like this all the time in Gran Turismo 4. This is probably from GT5 which has an amazing photo mode.

    • This is not from GT5, If GT5 were capable of creating this kind of picture quality, I’d have 14 copies. But it’s picture mode is VERY good.

  11. I don’t know anything about cars but this picture looks beautiful. I wish I owned a car as stylish at that one.

  12. For all the ignorant people who think this is photoshopped, look up any video of a high performance car under heavy braking. Carbon Ceramic brakes create incredibly high amounts of braking friction resulting in HIGHER HEAT which makes the brake rotors GLOW! It’s not fake. This shit ACTUALLY HAPPENS on more cars than just this one. Kids need to learn about race cars before they talk about race cars.

  13. okay so i’m not here to talk shit, I do know what i’m talking about and this picture looks legit other then some enhancing. There are cameras that have shutter speeds quick enough to take a shot like this. so thats not even a valid argument. this is obviously not a drag car. which means there are multiple turns involved which would most likely require braking and down shifting. the down shift will cause the blue flame and the braking will cause the rotors to glow like that. These people may have “track time” but i highly doubt it was in this car, or anything close. so that really doesnt qualify as a real argument either, no offense. But all in all its an awesome shot, and a beautiful car.

  14. Are we all freaking out yet? Because I know a few cats in dark boxes that are right now. ROWR!

  15. Lol i can’t believe this many people argued about whether this was shopp’d or not.
    It might be slightly enhanced, but that doesn’t mean that the brake discs aren’t hot enough to glow red, along with the blue exhaust.

    All you people look like complete fools, saying you have “a totally better car than this” or that you “know so much about cameras that you know this is totally impossible”
    When in fact it is not impossible, any professional photographer can take shots that look impossible, it’s called a tracking tripod or camera system, you think people driving this car have enough money to blow getting super nice camera gear? YOU BET.

    People don’t seem to understand that camera shutter speed and focal point make massive differences in pictures.
    So quit your bitching about photoshopping, you don’t know shit either, it’s a cool picture and fucking leave it at that.
    It’s not “FAKE OMG” just because it looks this way you dumbasses.

  16. hahahahahAHAHAHAHAHA alll you fools giving out about it not being photoshopped, that is so funny hahahhaa big headed know-it-all morons!! hahahah shut your mouths in future!!

  17. first of all, of course this photo has been enhanced, if you think otherwise then leave the internet Now.
    second, the brakes Can in fact glow as they are, with a car such as that, the driver is going as fast as they can and braking as late as they can, and for those that don’t know, friction —> heat
    third and finally, blue flames out of the exhaust, you people really questioning this? if you have ever watched road racing then you would know that blue flames out the exhaust is a regular occurrence

  18. ok its probably on a test track with a 30 to 45 degree turn a long straight a way can possibly get the car to 200 max 230mph and if hitting the breaks at that speed will make the brakes reddish orange the front brakes have bigger calipers to slow the vehicle down faster and better control and the car is heading out of the turn when picture was taken so that explains the blue flame… but the front rotors would not have that much of a glow and the flame one can install a kit to make flame shoot out. So partially its fake and real or plausable

  19. Okay, so unlike the guy above ^…I did NOT read through all the garbage up top….and have come to a conclusion

    Photoshopped – NO
    Enhanced – YES (generally speaking if you enhance an image using photoshop then the answer would be yes)

  20. For some reason I actually read this ENTIRE stream of bullshit. You bitches should be ashamed of yourselves. Would you have the nerve to treat a total stranger like this in person? I will assume NO. Then what justifies treating people like this online? Act CIVILIZED people, and you may actually make some friends and have a sense of community, rather that your angry little lives in front of your high-powered jerk-boxes.
    Fucking basement masturbators.
    Yours Truly,

  21. basically everyone on this blog is a creep. Its a Ferrari, calm down. It’s a picture of a Ferrari, not the second coming. Ohh god, I have no faith in humanity. And for all of you on this blog who think you sound intelligent, you’re not. You’re losers.

  22. HAHA car sites are always the same, nobody can just appreciate the automotive and the art..

    Problems with car sites:

    1. Someone has an honest opinion and everybody attacks him like sharks

    2. Everyone is right, regardless of facts. I’m always right i do not accept new information, is the general belief.

    3. A flame war starts because someone says their mustang, honda, vtec, or whatever is better than the car of discussion.

    4. A number of posters try to back up their statements with proof, but being aware of the first 3 facts of car sites, this is obviously futile and begins the cycle over again.

    • sorry forgot one,

      5. Someone leaves a long post and the next person thinks that its grammar class. Because they mispelled a word or used improper grammar it renders their statements false and less believable, because it has so much to do with the original topic, the car

  23. Two things that I have learned today –

    1. I love Stumble Upon!

    2. Noah has a small penis!

    • Dude, i second your opinion, YOU’RE OUT OF YOUR ELEMENT NOAH.
      (see, I used the right your you’re

  24. Nice looking car

    It’s a really nice image, regardless of it’s edited or not. Props to the man (or woman) who got this shot, especially of a vehicle so beautiful.

  25. I only saw this because it came across my facebook news feed, and I happened upon the comments. All I have to say is, do you people really have nothing more valuable to do with your time than to argue the validity of a picture of a car? Honestly…I don’t care about the details. It doesn’t matter. Go on a walk outside or something, or spend some time with your family, like I’m about to do. Internet fights will not improve your lives. I know I’m going to get hell for posting this, but I don’t even care. I’m not getting back on my computer anyway, haha.

  26. TheFreakinTroll

    EVERYBODY NEEDS TO SHUT UP! It’s a cool pic, leave it at that. And just so everyone knows, Imma effin ninja, so after this post, I’m gone! *poof*

  27. Beautiful pic…

    Retarded comments from twelve-teen year olds…

    Have a nice day!

  28. Solve this quandry by contacting the photographer, Thomas Quintin. It is a shame that with the advent of photoshop all cool photos come under fire for being fake. Either way, this is a great picture and a great looking car. I personally think use of cuss words indicates lack of control and demonstrates immaturity. I did get a kick out of the banter.

  29. look “noah” is different to you guys i’m guessing he’s a drifter listen to him talk about clutch kick so he will not look at a ferrari the same as many of us would

    • Noah can suck my balls. He’s a lawl’troll… and I’m going to provoke him some more. Him dispatching a certain type of vehicle because it doesn’t fit his genre of racing, is basically like him chopping off his manhood cause It’s so small, he can’t find a tight enough snitch to wrap around it.

      …Noah -> THEY’RE & THERE & THEIR — There’s a difference you dumbass.

      • good for you. you’re talking about grammer and homonyms and you use lawl’troll … say snitch (this is a harry potter term in quidditch it’s the small golden flying ball.) instead of snatch. and the definition of dispatch is “To relegate to a specific destination or send on specific business” i feel the word you were looking for is disregard or dismiss. k i’m done with this conversation, you (for your intelligence sake) should be too. actually i was done a while ago. k bye.

  30. Just as a side point, I used work for Mazda Australia and was lucky enough to be invited to be a part of the PitCrew for a 24hr race at Bathurst. In short my job was to take the brake rotors off the lane and drop them into buckets of a cooling solution.
    For this task I had to wear a full Fire suit, fiber glass fire rated gloves and use tongs that were about 500mm long, the reason for all of this equipment, simple really they just didn’t want me touching brake rotors that were in excess of 700degC, and that was when they were off the car…
    Just something to think about I suppose…….

  31. I just stumbled here and from what i can tell here some of you people need to just exchange information, meet up, and beat the fuck out of each other. But seriously some of you are assholes and i feel bad for the people who have low self esteem and depression issue because what people like you say to them on the internet.

  32. Haha all of you can shut the fuck up, the picture is sick as shit, the 599 is sick as shit, so stop making shit up just so you can get in an argument for no reason.

  33. IMHO, This isn’t photoshopped…
    You just have to think… Is this picture possible? Yes
    Is there a possibility that the cameraman was in the right place at the right time? Yes
    So why are there so many haters saying its photoshopped… Just sit back and enjoy the view…
    As my mother always told me… If you dont have anything nice to say, dont say anything at all…

    • The fact you can’t take an HDR photo of a moving object. IMHO it’s a real photo that was enhanced. The fact there is text under the car only proves someone is marking their work.

  34. You all pretty much suck at life. The photo, which I’m pretty sure is not shopped but definitely enhanced, is incredible. Now you’re all probably asking why I said you suck at life, allow me to enlighten you. While all this has been pretty entertaining to read, most of you used the wrong kind of “you’re” and failed to capitalize when necessary. All I’m trying to say is that if you’re going to insult someone’s intelligence at least make an intelligent looking post. Yes I realize someone will most likely come on here and make comments about my comma use and such. That’s fine but at least I know when to use a capital letter and which of a set of homonyms (words that sound the same but are spelled differently and have different meanings) to use when appropriate.

    • i’m okay with you attacking my (or our) grammer failures. because at least it is founded in logic.

  35. let’s all put on our big girl panties and deal with it!
    ANY high performance car will turn rotors….red/white with enough hard braking….and blue flames?….I can make them come out of my butt!

  36. this is phto shopped theres wrighting under the car the road is blurry and after the white line there should be a wall nope just more road and for all the people arguin its a picture with a hot sexy car in it respect wish to drive later in life if your rich then have a good time if not then suck it up and hope for the best and have a nice day

    • 1) No shit it’s been ‘shopped. The writing under the car is the author’s watermark claiming IP rights to the picture.

      2) The motion blur of the track and brake rotors are from a longer exposure time, not Photoshop.

      3) Beyond the white line is a grass infield.

  37. all you people are fuckin jackasses. its quite hilarious reading all this. oh by the way i have a 9000x that will literally pull up, drop a hatch on the back, then two 40mm canons will pertrude out the rear 🙂 and fire flaming wads of shit into your convertible. o and yeah i gotta joystick instead of a sterring wheel, makes the whoe flying part easier.


    this is a real piture i was the one who was driving this car, so you can all chill out. THIS IS JUST A PICTURE!

  39. this is clearly photoshop. i mean where the hell do you find a road that is so blurry like that? clearly smudged up photo work. and also look at the reflection on the road by the front tire…looks okay right…well no reflection from back tire…somebody forgot to add all the details when editing the picture.

    • Get owned noob troll

      High quality cameras can focus in on a specific target. This means the car will not be blurry while the picture is taken. Well this means the photographer would have to swivel to keep up with the car and take the picture as, the car is going quite fast. To the camera, the car is standing still and the road is moving. If you look above the white line, you will notice that there IS a wall. Since it is getting dark, there is a heavy shadow casted on the wall, making it mostly uniform in color. This means that any “speed smudging” wouldn’t be visible as most of the wall is already just one color. You can see one white smudge on the wall above the white line, though.

  40. jesus, folks, what a bunch of crybabies. Just look at the picture, appreciate the car, and move on. The internet is the only place you’ll see this type of self-righteous, holier-than-thou crap. I race, and on the track you never see two drivers arguing over who has more track time or what you have to do to shift, and you certainly don’t see personal insults being thrown out in place of relevant conversation. Let’s all agree to disagree, put away our testosterone-fueled sense of superiority, and just appreciate what is clearly a very cool picture. That is all.

    • Gosh Joonyer, Just look at the posts, enjoy the banter and move on. The internet is the only place you’ll see this type of self-righteous, holier-than-thou posters posting about how people are holier-than-thou crap. If you want to see pictures of cars and show all that appreciation and stuff then go to or some other sort. So lets just put away our testosterone-fueled sense of superiority, and just appreciate what is clearly a very cool picture followed by fun loving arguing.

  41. haha…..”Awesome” hit the nail on the head…..wish all ya would be more eager to debate on things that actually matter…… and have some respect for other peoples opinions……cool pic tho

    • Yea, I had a lot of fun reading. It’s always funny when you get to a comment and it makes you think, “Well, that’s going to start some shit.”

  42. Oh yeah, I forgot, c-g, do you even have a drivers license? Have you driven? Racing isn’t the same as the slot cars you play with at home. There is a lot more to racing than being “a ‘sport’ where you only push pedal [sic].”
    Maybe if it’s so easy and boring you should, race. Oh wait, you probably play soccer right?
    Where you only kick the ball?
    Or you’re a pro football player right?
    Where you only pass and run with the ball?
    Or Cug, I know, you must be part of the NHL, where, you guessed it, you only hit a puck.
    NBA? Where you only throw the ball through the hole on a board. No?
    Tiachtli then. That’s it. That is the only game that can make any other sport boring. When you lost you got sacrificed to the gods. I knew Cug sounded Aztec.

    • uhm dude. most Ferrari’s now are just a sport where you only push the pedal. as in they are automatic … sure there are the lame ass finger shifters on the steering wheel, but what he is saying is there isn’t real pride in driving it anymore than just saying i’m a rich bastard.

      • SEE? This is why I had to post in the first place Noah, because of people like Cug and now you. I thought I made my point clear that you don’t just push a pedal.
        Bare minimum in driving you have at least two you have to push.
        Three if you have a manual with a clutch.
        Four pedals if you have an old Jeep and want to use your high-beams.
        What you’re saying is: you know nothing about how the Ferrari transmission works, you have no concept of the differences between the types of transmissions controlled with selector paddles and that you know nothing about racing. And you don’t know all of this even though you have internet access.
        What I do know is you need to stick to just playing Mario Cart with Cud where A is the only button you have to push.
        And my last name is Hartman, not Lebowski, so don’t call me Dude.

        • I like racing, mostly WRC I just wish it was more popular in the states. Anyone who has seen La Mans knows that rotors can heat up to a hot glow. The blue flames, as everyone else has pointed out, unburnt gasoline. It’s not like the Ferrari is rockin’ a catalytic converter.

          However, and more to the point, I don’t consider racing a sport anymore than I consider gymnastics a sport. I concede that they are competitive events that take it’s tole on the competitor, require extensive training and practice. But I believe a sport includes a ball or a puck and a goal (except bowling). I think events like NASCAR are called “sports’ so fat guys in lazy boys can call themselves “sportsmen”.

          Either way, none of this silly nonsense matters since the picture, enhanced or otherwise, is awesome. The car is hot, it looks fast standing still. Too bad Ferrari never stuck with requirements for ownership. These cars are meant to be driven hard and fast.

          • Tom Jones, i actually agree with you on pretty much all of that. its a competition. a fun one. but not a sport.

        • apparently you don’t know how to use a fucking google search. 1. we’ve established you don’t have a clutch in a (new) Ferrari (WHICH MAKES IT AN AUTOFUCKINGMATIC..) 2. this is obviously not an old jeep you dipshit. 3. a Ferrari transmission is just a push the fucking paddle which is why it is heavily criticized by real racers. (right goes up, left goes down) and 4. i fucking race. alright? you don’t know who i am. you’re just a dumb piece of shit that doesn’t know the first fucking thing. you’re just an Italian car fanboy that thinks whatever he says is right because he shes a Ferrari (this makes no sense which is kinda the point). and dude. shut. the. fuck. up. 🙂 k thanks. learn you’re place bitch. its obviously not on this page. 🙂

          • Noah you are one dumb piece of shit bro, paddle shifters have revolutionized racing cars. They offer %100 of the control of a manual car with way less time involved. Oh and by the way, these “real racers” your talking about who drive manuals, well driving stick takes no more skill then manumatics (what educated people call “autofuckingmatic” ferraris). Unless your a 15 year old learning how to get a stick car rolling, the major difference between the two is that a car with paddle shifters will smoke a standard car any day because there is less clutch time, essentially creating less time without power. Now just enjoy the cool picture and stop yelling at people on the internet before learning about transmissions asshole.

          • Nice grammar Noah. Dan actually can write so obviously he is more well read than you. He also can control his emotions making him more mature. He wasn’t referring that the Ferrari had a clutch. You obviously didn’t understand what he wrote and you are probably not mature enough to have a proper conversation with anyone. This website even has spell check and you still had issues. obviously you are the ,excuse my French, Dumb shit who doesn’t know what he is talking about. A Ferrari does not have a clutch and Dan didn’t write that it did. Control your rage long enough to think about it.
            P.S. Not everything that you Google search is correct and in my opinion you don’t even have a verifiable source you just looked at the first thing you saw and went with it.

          • i’m actually replaying to matt R it won’t let me click reply on him. 100% of the control of manual car? so you mean everytime you have to do a clutch kick to perform a trick you can? because you have access to a clutch? go away. and if it takes no more skill to drive a manual than a manumatic then why can only a small portion of people even drive manual anymore? again go away. and actually paddle shifters in many cars slow down the capabilities (such as less expensive models to employ this kind of transmission, not necessarily ferrari) And i wasn’t the first person to start this up (in fact i was defending someone who got attacked) DICK … sooo how bout you quit being a dick and 1. learn some facts im sure itd be nice to feel educated over there. and 2. don’t jump the gun on the wrong person. dick.

          • Landon, just because i have shitty grammer doesn’t mean i’m not well read. its called dyslexia asshole. and you obviously didn’t know what I MEANT in MY rebuttles. I was had mentioned that it didn’t have a clutch and thus made it a sport that just pushed the pedal. how about you actually read shit before you post? k thanks. and seeing as how for the most part the only thing you’re disagreeing with me about is my grammer imma go ahead and ignore the “verifiable source” comment (seeing as how it looks pointless given the argument). and as for attacking my maturity? damn so i’m not allowed to get pissed off at ignorance? at stupidity? and attacking other people’s comments? how bout go fuck yourself. k thanks.

          • P.S. (this means postscript, i’m not sure how dumb you are) Landon i wasn’t the one to bring up the google search. he was. et vous pouvez excuser mon francais, mais je crois que vous etre un trou du cul. and i know you’ll be like “oh he just used a translator” … ou je suis bilingue. and again i love how everyone is attacking me for attacking someone else. when i attacked him because he attacked someone else’s simple and correct comment.

      • i hope u get in a car and just push the pedal cause if u dont do anything else ur dumb ass is goin right into a wall

        • Well I hate to jump into this fun late, but I really just want to point out that every single car that I can think of except the nissan murano has some form of a clutch. Even though you may not be in direct control of said clutch, there is some form of one. Otherwise, your vehicle would not be shifting gears. And I am sure that some part of my above statement has some grammar issues but that is not really the point of an argument, argue ideals, not against people. That is my two bit thanks.

  43. All you are so silly. That’s a 599xx which isn’t even street legal so of course it will be driven hard on the track. I don’t think it even has taillights. The flame is shooting out the back, not because the car is powered by meth, but because it’s down-shifting for the corner it’s braking for and unburnt gas is blowing out the back and igniting when coming in contact with the air.

    Tommy, the 599xx is not art, its a technological wet dream and a test bed for future Ferraris. Other Ferraris are art, and then they catch fire when you use them because of it. Hence most people sticking them in an air conditioned garage and driving their F-150 to work.

    Ted Jones, actually he can speak for most of us, because unless Andrew Robertson has a Pagani Zonda R, the 599xx is better. If Andy thinks his car is better because he has air conditioning, a trunk, and a stereo, then he’s getting creature comforts mixed up with performance. Yes, unless Andy owns a Pagani, he does in fact have a more comfortable street car.

    • thats so cool dude your life must be amazing… just because your car is better than a ferrari doesn’t mean we care, does it look as nice? does it come from years of competition and tradition? is it as much of a piece of art as that 599? my guess is no, so save your comment next time because guess what? no one cares.

      • Why do you get to speak for everyone else and say they don’t care?
        When you speak to EVERYONE and find out that they don’t care, THEN
        you can say that no one cares. But in for now “tom L” does not speak for everyone,
        and in fact, I care. You don’t even know what kind of car “Andrew Robertson” has… so
        what makes you so sure it’s not as good or better than the Ferrari? Speak your opinion
        all you want, but please stop speaking for everyone else. 🙂 Thanks Tommy

        • I for one do not care what kind of car that guy drives. It can not be that nice or he would have specified make, model, and year in his comment. Just another one upper with control issues.

    • first of all i must say that this is a awesome picture of automative engineering at its finest , second dude ur an idiot if ur gonna say that ur car is better by looking at a picture cause i highly doubt that ur car can corner accelarate or break anywhere nearly as good as this ferrari unless ur a formula 1 driver … and if this is picture is photoshopped or not i know photoshop extremely well and it looks as though it was… buttttt nothing major just a little exageration of the colors and some enhancements here and there i have no doubt in my mind that this car did have flames and red hot rotors when the picture was taken ….
      and props to the photographer that took this

    • oh look im andrew robertson and i say my car is better than a ferrari but I am probably a 12 year old B-tard who’s balls have not dropped and does not know what the fuck he is talking

  44. Except it looks like a fake. No brake lights and those flames look like it is running 100% methane. Photoshop of the day?

    • No not Photoshop.. moron… just because you dont see the taillights.. just because the rotors are red hot does not mean the driver is on the brakes the second the photo was taken.. and a car with that much power.. yea.. does throw flames out the tail pipes — idiots like you run around trying to claim Photoshop on everything you see because you have no talent to do anything like what you see.. so keep your mouth shut and just continue shoving Twinkies down your throat.. you have reached the pinnacle of your life ..

      • Wow. Someone is insecure. First off regular fuel does not burn that way. Looks like meth. Rotors do not stay that hot unless there is some friction. And I am sure I have more track time than you. It still doesn’t make me an expert. While it might not be photoshop it is most definitely enhanced. Also I could bet anything in te world that I am in much better shape than you are. If you read my post I was not trolling, but simply stating my opinion.

        • HAHAHAHA. Big Z… your an idiot. Clearly you know next to nothing of physics. and i would be more than willing to be my life savings on your alleged track time.
          The brake lights… They’re recessed brakes lights. so even if they were on, you’d still be an idiot.
          The flame. Its burning methane.. METHANE?!?! fucking really? No, but your right, regular gasoline, not that a high end sports car would use a high octane premium or anything, doesn’t burn blue like the meth you smoked before posting that idiocy. In fact, its common knowledge, that the only place in the world to see a blue flame is from methane gas. Don’t light a bic lighter btw, or you’d know i lied.
          The Rotors. During your track time on your 92′ civic, did you by chance get over 75? yeah… your seriously an idiot.

          • Your comment just made my day Chad. Took the words right out of my mouth. I give my thanks to you.
            Big Z on the other hand. Get your shit together, christ your an embarrassment to us all.

          • Just so you all know. Pure methane burns invisibly. This is the reason the Indy series had to add certain additives to their fuel, as you could not tell if the fuel tank had ignited.

          • Also if you look close enough there is some writing on the road right below the car! Suck my balls to all that said this was real and I would love to meet some of these tough guys in person, just to see how big they are when they are not hiding behind their monitors.

          • haha go get em, chad.
            and in response to what Big z recently posted, what writing are you talking about? would that be the watermark that all professional photographers add to ensure they are given due credit when their work is posted somewhere else? i mean i guess thats a photoshop, adding a name and a trademark year…

          • Chad, you should really check your spelling and grammer for errors before you start calling people idiots… it may help your case. Just a thought. Helps to know the difference between your and you’re.

          • That was funny. I thought it was photoshopped as well, then everyone starts hating on everyone over it being real or fake. This it told me it was fake: the rotors dont get that hot.. thats glazing the brakes and warping the rotars, I dont care how advanced the tech is or what special alloys and compounds they were made from. Also no racer rides their brakes for a quarter mile to ever get them that hot! If somehow they dont glaze, then they are wearing out faster than a $5 pair of shoes!
            The flames coming out of the tail pipes.. if that is the location of them, are coming straight out, and not affected by any air flow. In realistic racing, you see the same flames from top fuel dragsters, which burn METHANOL!! Not methane I cant believe how many idiots said methane. Thats the shit that is blown from your ass when you fart! Methane fuel is mixed with alcohol to make methanol, or something with wood, its been awhile since I read about methanol on how its made or mixed with. Also, with the real picture being supplied, then is definite proof that this is a photo shop image.
            This is one of the nicest Ferrari pics Ive ever seen, the surrealism is what makes it a very nice work of art!

          • you’re* and you made the same mistake more than one time so now who’s the idiot?

          • Tj wrote:

            Chad, you should really check your spelling and grammer for errors before you start calling people idiots… it may help your case. Just a thought. Helps to know the difference between your and you’re.

            ^^ thanks for giving me a good laugh. to the guy correcting someone’s spelling and “grammer.” maybe before YOU make this kind of statement you would revisit second grade to learn how to spell “grammar.”

          • Tj, I’m supposed to check my “spelling and grammer [sic]”, am I? I think maybe you should first look up how to spell grammAr and then consider correcting others.

            Also, I can’t comment on the validity of this picture (in my opinion it looks a bit airbrushed and smoothed out) but as for the tail flame and rotors, I have personally seen both a car split flame and the rotors glow red hot under braking. Also, as for the tailights, whoever mentioned before was correct: they are recessed so you wouldn’t be able to tell anyway.

            Stop arguing like girls and just appreciate that, faked or not, this picture is fucking awesome.

          • methanol you jackass! higher octane lower combustion chamber temps! and yes you would see brake lights they have to be bright to be legal

          • Such badassery as this definitely is not street-legal, and if I had to guess based on that picture, I’d say the tail-lights have been removed.

          • Lets be clear. If you google LeMans brake images, you will find hundreds if not thousands of shots of carbon ceramic brakes lighting up in the exact same way. It doesn’t take a quarter mile or an asinine driver. They dissipate heat REALLY quick, which is WHY THEY WORK. The whole point of braking is turning kinetic energy into chemical energy (heat). They aren’t standard on this ferarri, but from the looks of it, what is. Give the car the credit, this is a legit shot

        • Robert Ainsworth

          Just FYI…that car is a supercharged V12…he was letting off of the gas, causing the engine to run lean as the engine slows the vehicle down. Any of the supercharged v12 cars will blow blue flames from the pipes when engine braking.

          • I don’t recall anyone saying that the Ferrari 599XX being supercharged. It has a V12, yes. However, any race-tuned engine, even with pump gasoline, will blow flames out of the pipes because of the unburned fuel being dumped in the very hot exhaust system.

        • The blue flames – gasoline/petrol can burn light blue when it has the the correct stoichiometric ratio (the fuel vapor/air mix), just look at the flame made by a Coleman gasoline stove, or even look at the flame color inside a running engine (a Gunsons Colortune transparent sparkplug will let you see that). Gasoline only burns yellow and smokey when there’s not enough air.

        • lucky,im,not,u

          of course you just continue to be so errogant and act like you know what you are saying. first of all alot of things about that car arent waht you call “normal” you probably drive a godamn prius to your shit job everyday. and secondly and what the hell would a rotor be without friction. and you talk about your track time, bumper cars dont count. who cares if your trolling or stating your opinion, an opinion doesnt count for anything if you dont know what your talking about.

        • You’re right that it’s photoshopped. However, cars that run on any kind of fuel that have a straight through exhaust will backfire, but in this pic it is clearly fake. Same with the braking glow.

          That aside, I think the pic looks nice. Kudos to the photograph and the artist.

      • Awesome, you gave him what he deserved! I salute you – Big Z just got owned.

    • You can’t see brake lights because the tail lights on the 599XX have been replaced by exhaust vents for the downforce-generating suction fan located in the trunk. Otherwise yeah, the flames look pasted on and the glowing brake rotors like they have been tweaked a bit,

    • No its real, i saw a lambo leaving Dallas on I30 and his tail pipes had blue coming out just like this, as for the rotors i dont know. but its not photoshop.

    • cause nascar cars have working headlights and tailights, right? cause they really need to light up the road in front of them when they take those 11PM laps right? i mean everything in racing cars is totally street legal, hence why we see nascars and supercars going 200 on highways right?

      no. you are an idiot.

      • no racer is shooting nitrous while holding the brakes you douche. to much need for speed. go find some sunlight you pastie fuck

      • NO2 (nitrous oxide) doesn’t burn at all. The heat from engine combustion causes the oxygen and nitrogen atoms to separate. The extra oxygen for combustion is what gives the extra boost.

      • And i am assuming that you think it runs 100% nitrous oxide… Can any of you dumbasses tell me for sure that this photo was not enhanced (photoshoped or edited in any way)? I think not. So shut your pie holes.

        I think it is a great photo, but I also think it was enhanced. Whom ever thinks otherwise is in denial.

        • Big Z – I’m with you mate, I dont have much track time, but i sure as hell know what your saying has validity. It is a great photo….shopped or otherwise….

          to the others – ‘Your Argument is Invalid’


    • Hey Big Z – like a comment down the line says, this is the 599XX, a prototype ferrari, which has no brake lights to save weight, and instead they’ve used the space for other bits of tech. and its quite possible to do those flames. In fact if you know anything about physics you’ll know that blue flames are not exclusive to methane, they are though the second highest heat level of flame (white being the hottest flame) and they are found everywhere as long as you have a long enough flame – for instance if you pick up any sort of lighter and set the flame length to longest you’ll get yellow at the top, red middle, blue bottom. And tunned race cars with special exhausts will often release flames when down shifting to use engine breaking. look at WRC, MotoGP, WTCC and a lot of different motor sports and you’ll see this happen a lot of times. I’ll grant that there is editing here to make it look better, but nothing has been added to this pic other than the watermark. That and i’ll grant that there was quite a bit of luck to this shot, but its all there, all real.

      • How do you this was not taken at the exact same point as the driver had let go of the brakes???? Those brakes are put in so much stress, that they would be still red raw for a few seconds. He could have been coming out of a corner.

        • Hell go watch a ken block video- haha at the end of the gymkhana 3 you can see his brakes start glowing if you don’t believe that brakes can do that

    • this is clearly photoshop, there is no camera that can achieve the stillness of every square inch of that vehicle aside from the road going as fast as it was, including the flame. the rotors from this specific vehicle would not be that color when so much friction is being in effect because of the type of metal. the car was outlined and cut out, then put on a new layer on the road.

      • Framerate. I’ve seen pictures like this of Formula 1 cars going close to 200 mph. And I’ve seen in person blue flames coming out of a straight pipe exhaust in backfire events due to engine braking, even with a 6 horsepower 87 octane gasoline go-kart motor. I’ve seen rotors glow like that in person and on live TV broadcasts of races. When you’re going that fast and then stand on the brakes for 100 meters or so, they will glow that much. Even carbon-ceramics. I’d say this car was going anywhere from 60 to 80 mph or so, during a turn in for a corner, which can explain the clarity, backfiring, and rotor glow. And the reason the front rotors are glowing so much brighter is the brake bias, which puts about 70% of the braking force to the front brakes to compensate for the weight distribution being shifted heavily to the front during deceleration. Learn your automotive principles before spouting photoshop nonsense.

    • I know GTIs are not comparable to Ferraris, but I can tell you from personal experience that its possible to get the rotors red-hot by using the paddle shifters (and not even touching the brake pedal) that are seen in many supercars. They use the transmission along with the brakes to simulate a manual transmission.

    • the brake light are in those recesses. as for the flames, i’ve seen blue flames plenty of time on high octane fuel mixtures.

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